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Vetvi Theodor Bastard
Theodor Bastard
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Album Notes
New album by Theodor Bastard, one of the most eclectic and mystical bands from Russia. It’s difficult to define the Theodor Bastard style. Musicians skillfully combine different styles, trip-hop and rock. They give amazingly brilliant shows, using all their numerous exotic instruments, from the tibetian horns to jambeys and gusli. Theodor Bastard release their albums not so often, working for months in various recording studios in several cities and countries, searching for the best sound and arrangements. Work on this album took three years with plenty of musicians taking part in it. Among them are the famous buryat singer Namgar Lhasaranova, multi instrumentalist Phillip Barsky. talented Olga Glazova, who plays the world’s largest gusli. Lead singer Yana Veva has reached new heights with her unique vocal technique. Continuing the theme of wanderings, which was the basic idea of the previous album "Oikoumene", Theodor Bastard take their listeners from hot south to the fairy northern lights. "We travel Russian north every year," – says the band leader Fedor Svolotch. – "Now it's time for us to turn to our culture, our country and our roots. There are our places of power, the places where stones and winds are talking to us. New album is a song of the northern harsh nature". A peculiar combination of the archaic percussions and folk instruments was used during the recording. Playing unusual ethnic instruments is still the important part of Theodor Bastard creative process. Russian horn, traditional Mongol violin morin khuur, tibetian ritual horn dunchen, ancient Russian gusli, cajon, vargan, dulcimer (string instrument like citra) – this is just a short list of musical miracles on the album. Tens of musicians were engaged in creating of sound kaleidoscope. That was a serious and laborious work. String instruments bring deep melodism and dramatism. There are morin khuur by Yana Veva, violin by Gulya Naumova and cello by Natalia Nazarova. They harmoniously strung on ritual rhythms of drums and percussions by Kirill Serov. Choir «Lauda» adds ancient masculinity to the album sound, as well as an outstanding vocalist Alexander Platonov (Ensemble of ancient peasant music).
Magic sound of gusli by Olga Glazova, harps and cymbals by multi-instrumentalist Philip Barsky decorate some songs, and great vocals by Buryat singer Namgar give a special atmosphere of northern dawn to one of the songs on the album.


Yana Veva – vocals, morin khuur, synths
Fedor Svolotch – guitars, horns, war drums, daf, dulcimer, percussion, vargans
Alexey Kalinovskiy – hurdy-gurdy, keyboards
Kusas – dunchen, riq
Andy Vladych – drums
Namgar Lhasaranova – additional vocals
Vadim Sergeev – guitars, ukulele, bass
Filipp Barskiy – harp, santur
Kusas – didgeridoo, davul, cajon, metallophone, shakers
Natalia Nazarova – prepared cello
Olga Glazova – gusli
Mariya Broccoli – bone flute
Gulya Naumova – siberian violin
Kirill Serov – djun-djun
Pavel Paukov – bass
Vasil' Davletshin – additional bass
Pavel Hrabrov – additional bass
Alexander Platonov (The Early Music Ensemble of the Peasants) – vocal

Chamber Choir «Lauda»:
Damir Urazymbetov, Artem Kobyakov, Vyacheslav Ivanov, Ivan Rodionov
Choral arrangement: Alexey Kalinovskiy
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Posted by Theodor Bastard on 27 April 2015
Tags: trip-hop, experimental, фолк, этно, electronica, theodor bastard, tribal, yana veva, ethno, ethnic, folk, dark-folk, world music
Comments (8)
Вы великолепны! Потрясные очень продуманно прописанные партии! Вдохновляете и помогаете!
10 Dec 2015 12:06 pm
Прекрасно. Достает из глубин каких-то внутренних то, что сидит в каждом жителе севера. То, о чем многие и не подозревают. Но оно там.
Яна, вам отдельное спасибо.
Федор, чувствуется много труда и поиска. По моему все идеально получилось.
11 May 2016 11:54 am
удивительно гармонично и органично. слова не могут передать все впечатления. рука не потянулась выключить после первых тактов. это редкость.
спасибо за ощущение счастья.
22 Jun 2016 05:48 am