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Oikoumene Theodor Bastard
world music/ethno
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(с) & (p) Theo records 2012

The cult British band Fun-Da-Mental, Zulu Choir The Mighty Zulu Nation, Indian sarod performer Rampur Rani, unique Afro-French singer Julien Jacob, and other great musicians took part in recording of “Oikoumene”.

The musicians recorded the tracks in different cities and at several studios: in St. Petersburg ("House of 100 sounds," "Dobrolet"), England (PMA Basement Studios, Huddersfeild and Unit 13, London) and Paris (Passage A Niveaux).

The CD art design was created by famous Russian artist Boris Indrikov.

"It was interesting to give up all the electronics and the tricks, and work with live material. Whole year of hard work, and what a great experience! And the cooperation with so many, really talented, musicians from all over the world still feeds me with special energy. In the beginning, of course, there were many doubts, but now I can say that everything has turned out well. And this is the best of what we have done for all time, that's for sure! "- says the frontman of the band Fedor Svolotch.

While recording the album Theodor Bastard used an impressive collection of various instruments which were brought from distant journeys. In some songs you can hear such instruments as daf, doira, dumbek, udo, kalimba, reko-reko, Kaxix, Ashik, talking drum and variety of dzhambe and kongas. Yana Veva, songwriter and vocalist, played the Chinese flute Bawuah. Rampur Rani performed on sarod - Indian national instrument. Dmitry Gorenko played the didgeridoo. Vladimir Belov — cello. And Mitya Holtzman aka Zmitser von Holzman — Pan flute, ocarina, and other wind instruments. Fedor Svolotch recorded percussion, guitar, bass and own made instruments made of everyday objects like door springs, coconuts and empty bottles.

The basis for this album was laid when Yana Veva composed songs inspired with traditions and beliefs of the tribes living in far corners of the world.

She says: «These people live the wild life keeping ancient traditions. No matter what kind of nationalities we are talking. For some people they belong to myths and fairy tales, but for someone they are so real as urban jungles. And there are our roots. The roots of mankind. These islands of the Promised Land among the riot of nature. Where we came from. And if a person does not return to these surrounded by wild nature. If a man does not hear these voices from the forest, he fails to the insurmountable grief. With the new songs we broke with our eternal melancholy gloom. The closeness to nature makes a man happy. This is our album. There are almost no dark songs.»

And in conclusion a few words from Aki Nawaz (Fun-Da-Mental) about collaboration with Theodor Bastard:

"Theodor Bastard reflect the genuine art of musical expression in all its parameters, seeking sounds outside of comfort zones and dictated parameters and this runs right to the heart of Fun-Da-Mental and its own presentation. An artist has a choice to be part of breaking their own indoctrination and venturing into new zones, Theodor bastard do this which is not only challenging but also courageous, we should be judged by what new movements we create not by been part of commercial success but the art itself and what and how it reflects on peoples journey into music."Do what you wish " were the instructions to us and thats the first and only rule of art and so we did. ".

1. Takaya Mija
2. Farias
3. Gerda
4. Benga
5. Sagrabat (Diumgo) feat. Julien Jacob
6. Oikoumene
7. Tapachula
8. Intifadah
9. Clean Kron
10. Sol De Morte
11 Anubis
12. Benga (Fun-Da-Mental version) remixed by Aki Nawaz

All songs written by Yana Veva and Fedor Svolotch (Theodor Bastard)*

* Except "Farias" and "Gerda" — composed together with Kusas, Taras Frolov. "Sagrabat (Diumgo)" composed together with Julien Jacob. "Anubis" composed together with Stefan Hetrich for Shiva in Exile album "Nour".

All drums recorded at "100 sounds house", Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Soundengineer: Andrey Kalinin.
Mixed by Andrei Aliakrinskiy at "Dobrolet" studio
Mastered by Boris Istomin at "Knobstudio"

Executive producer: Alexey Bazhin
Sound producer: Fedor Svolotch

Design and layout: Dmitriy Andrievskiy
All paintings: Boris Indrikov
Booklet color photo: Anna Rozhetskaya
Booklet white and black photo: Vera Serebryakova

(C) & (P) Theodor Bastard (P) 2012 Theo Records 003
Theodor Bastard has full rights to digitally distribute this content
Posted by Theodor Bastard on 21 February 2012
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Спасибо, альбом понравился, но последняя песня (remix) кажется лишняя, лучше бы ее не было
15 Mar 2013 03:13 pm
Музыка красивейших образов!
18 Jul 2013 09:07 pm

17 Nov 2013 08:06 pm