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UP, BUSTLE & OUT, GEOMATIC, STATE OF BENGAL and many others reconsider the songs of Saint-Petersburg world music band.

About Theodor Bastard

The history of the band begins in 1996 when Fedor Svolotch took interest in noise music experiments. Later other musicians joined the band, and there was their future vocalist Yana Veva among them. In 2004 THEODOR BASTARD recorded and released their sixth album "Pustota" which became the turning point in the history of the band. The album instantly became famous among various listeners in Russia as well as in foreign countries. A year later "Pustota" was released in three more countries. In this work Fedor managed to find a successful combination of electronic beats and ethnic instruments. And Yana Veva, who has rare vocal timbre, performed the main vocal parts using specific singing techniques which referred the listeners either to oriental musical tradition, or to Balkan and Russian folklore.

Every following album of THEODOR BASTARD was released in its own specific style: the album "Sueta" was compiled of the live records made on the European tour, the album "Beloe" reflected Fedor and Yana's ardour for the Slavic mythology and Russian folk, and the last single "Tapahula" has shown new interests of the band: the culture of Mesoamerica and rhythms of Africa. But along with that, along with breaking stylistic and conceptual limits, THEODOR BASTARD has always been true to themselves and known for their sound and approach.

The musicians planned to make this collection of remixes long time ago. It was born thanks to continual communication and collaborations with congenial musicians. The selection of the artists presented on this collection is not random - the musicians are tied by common tastes and by love to unusual music. With some of the artists THEODOR BASTARD repeatedly worked in the past, and with some of them the band is already making creative plans for the future.

The artists contributing their take on the collection of remixes include:

TAPACHULA (Remix by Geomatic)
GEOMATIC (Netherlands)
Captivated by Arab mystical mythology, the musicians of Dutch duet make up breathtaking electronic music, marvellously combining tribal-percussion, robotized vocoders, the beyond middle eastern singing, and mysterious hypnotic melodies with dark esoteric atmosphere. The compositions are rich with various electronic effects. Beats and melodies are perfectly checked and considered in detail.

OIKUMENA (State of Bengal remix)*
Sam Zaman, aka State of Bengal, was born in Pakistan and grew up in London. DJ, the magician of ethno-electronic music and the representative of Asian Underground movement. He went on a tour as a DJ together with Bjork. He did official remixes for Massive Attack and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. During recent years Sam has been collaborating with various Bengal musicians and has been writing his own albums.

БУДУ ЖИТЬ / BUDU ZHIT (Remix by Animals on Wheels)
Drill'n'Bass outfit run by Cambridge-based Andy Coleman was the first signing to U.K. beatfreak label Ninja Tune from the Bovinyl. Coleman issued a trio of twelves on his own label, as well as a handful of compilation tracks, before releasing his debut. His humorous trendy brand of jazzy, hyperdriven breakbeat fracture is comparable to that of Aphex Twin, Plug, and Squarepusher.

SADANAH (Remix by Fedayi Pacha)
French electronic artist and producer skilfully working in a rare movement called oriental dub. He invites different ethnic musicians into his studio where subsequently splendid music is being born. He collaborated with Alexander Hacke of Einsturzende Neubauten and Philipe Teboul of Mano Negra.

Splendid group from the native land of trip-hop. Calm enshrouding melodies, live jazzy bass, easy rhythms and beautiful female singing. The participants of various festivals, performances and collaborations. The musicians prefer to share their music on worldwide web for free, the fact for which they are especially loved in Russia.

ПУСТОТА / PUSTOTA (Remix by Neotropic featuring additional vocals by Lady Husk)
British producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Riz Maslen, who records as Neotropic and Small Fish With Spine has been described as one of the most prominent women composers working in post-techno experimental electronics. In addition to her warm electronic programming, Maslen’s music also embraces folk, psychedelic pop and her interest in experimental film-making. The media has warmly received her albums on Ninja Tune, Oxygen Music Works, Mush Recordings, R&S; and Squids Eye.She’s performed globally over the past decade at events including LA’s Coachella concert series and Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. Neotropic’s live shows have always focused on creating a cinematic journey for the audience with the inclusion of her dark photographic and film imagery.

TAPACHULA (Up, Bustle and Out remix by Ein)
UP, BUSTLE & OUT (England)
One more artist of the Ninja Tune label. The group from Bristol include producer, the author of remixes Clandestine Ein and musician-performer Ruperto del Monte Azul. Hip-hop, jazz and funk, flavoured with South American and Cuban tunes, have a certain pull in the works of Up, Bustle & Out. The group actively collaborates with the musicians from around the world enriching their music with national colour.

УХОЖУ / UHOZHU (Remix by Unfinite Scale)
Harmi Palda, an English electronic artist and musician. His studio is located in London which contains primarily analog equipment, though modern technology is still a must. His music influences range from the early synth era of 1979, which is the reason why he has a varied approach to sound. In 1997 He first released Ecoshock, a four track cd which immediately caught the attention of electronic musos. A combination of European tours, including sets at Glastonbury, and releases on Toytronic, Boltfish, Rednetic and now his own label Ecoshock, have placed a firm mark to his name.

МИР / MIR (Remix by Scanner)
SCANNER (England)
Scanner traverses the experimental terrain between sound, space, image and form. His diverse body of work includes soundtracks for films, performances, radio, dance, theatre and site-specific intermedia installations. Committed to working with cutting edge practitioners he has recently collaborated with Bryan Ferry, Wayne MacGregor, Laurie Anderson, Hussein Chalayan, and Philips Design.

SELVA (Remix by Flint Glass)
Parisian project working in the genre of dark electronic music and, according to the critics' opinion, is one of the most innovatory in respect of sound among artists working at the joints of electronic music, rhythmic noise and dark ambient. There is only one man in the project, Gwenn Tremorin. The Music of Flint Glass in many respects is based on the atmosphere characteristic of the works of H.P. Lovecraft and some representatives of cyberpunk dystopia. Gwenn Tremorin describes himself as a man who was always interested in different movements of music.

СНЕГА / SNEGA (Remix by Absent One)
Absent One is a garage/synth russian band, formed in Moscow, 2009. The music is a mixture of electronic sound and rock-n-roll spirit. However the band has a bent for Goth, Punk and Cabaret genres as well. Absent One released two albums: "Blowback" and "Places" but is known mostly for live performances.

SATORI AISHA (Remix by Stillife)
Life frozen in an instant, or just a life-long instant. Eternal themes of love, loneliness and human tragedyare embodied in melancholic soundscapes with midtempo beats and heart touching viola passages. Stillife was founded by Stan_I. and M.S. in late December of 1998. Since then the band has remained the representative of true and sincere darkwave meeting the world dark scene standards.

The project is well-known among the fans of independent extreme electronics scene. Its style is defined by the critics as "harsh dance freeform industrial" "filled with aggression, primal rage and urbanistic cynicism". The music material is released via an internet-based label Tripcore Unlimited

SADANAH (Remix by Altera Forma)
The most unpredictable group of the domestic industrial scene. During the 10 years of their existence they've repeatedly changed their stylistic form, eo ipso reflecting their name. They've left behind the European tour in 2005, Wave Gotik Treffen'2006, and numerous gigs in major festivals with Haujobb, Project Pitchfork, Assemblage 23, Funker Vogt, Combichrist, etc., and also 5 releases, including DVD.

ПУСТОТА / PUSTOTA (Remix by Барто)
Notorious group working at the joints of electroclash and electropunk, using electro sound of 80-90s as the basis.

БЕЛОЕ / BELOE (Remix by ёлочные игрушки)
EU is a Russian electronic music duet, formed by Alexander Zaitsev and Ilya Baramiya in the fall of 1997. This project is famous and doesn't need some particular introduction.

УХОЖУ / UHOZHU (Remix by Magic Green Box)
The style of Russian musicians is at the joints of electronic experiments and live guitar sound, classic dub, psychedelic trance, and trip-hop. The group members themselves call their style "Trip Dub."

Участники сборника о сотрудничестве с Theodor Bastard:

“It was a real pleasure to remix Theodorbastard. Reminiscent of my favourite bands in my youth Cocteau Twins and Dead Can Dance. Yana's voice is sublime and one that inspired me in my remix wanting to strip back and let her voice rule!“
- Neotropic

“After being contacted by Theodor Bastard for their CD remix project, I discovered their concept and interest in polystylism. I was bewitched by Yana Veva’s vocals and their original mixture of noise ambient with ethno-word sounds by adding some other cultural traditions and influences in their music. So, it was very interesting to mix my musical ideas with Theodor Bastard and finally gets at the end, a new soundtrack for lost souls.”
- Gwenn Tremorin / Flint Glass

“When I first heard the music of Theodor Bastard I was drawn to their inspiring blend of styles and their mysterious sound. The atmosphere of the music suggested something lonely but had a strong connection to the world of nature.
The song Tapachula interested me because of first the captivating vocals along with the dreamy guitar chords. I felt the music had a connection with Up, Bustle and Out because it had a similar feeling - we both have a connection with the elemental forces of the world and a desire to explore beyond our everyday life.
Choosing the sounds and melodies for the remix was easy as I had a clear vision of how the Up, Bustle and Out sound would work with the music of Theodor Bastard. My interpretation would need to keep the natural feel of the song but add some lively and colourful elements to contrast with the vocals, guitar and flute.
Many of the sounds were re-cycled from UB&O songs in the dusty archives, including the voice of Ras Jabulani from Bristol's Black Roots band. Many of the drums and keyboards feature in out-takes from our City Breakers album. I even needed to record a few extra sound effects for this remix - listen for the sound of water. It was inspiring and great fun to create this remix for Theodor Bastard.”
- Musical greetings from Up, Bustle and Out, Bristol, UK.

“I liked the feel of the song movements of this song by Theodor bastard.”
- Sam Zaman, State of Bengal

“Tracing Arcs are very pleased to be able to contribute to this project. And we hope we do justice to the track, and Fedor's vocal intent. Having listened to TB's music, it was an interesting challenge to bring the "Arcs" colours to their palette. We hope their fans also find it so. And our thanks go to all the band.”
- Fran Kapelle & Paul H. Addie (Tracing Arcs)

“"The transmission was established from the city with 3 names, Theodor Bastard it said, and a large array of sounds came with it. Multiple textures and layers, mingled with a heartical pulse and mesmerizing vocals. Dub routines fit perfectly and once more current ran from east
to west"
- Fedayi Pacha

“I would like to thank Theodor Bastard for asking me to remix their music. The track 'Uhozhu' is a beautiful piece, which I wanted to make sure that the vocals take more space in the room. My approach was an ambient piece, which I felt helped sit with the vocals, and still utilise some of the original sounds. I wish them all the best and look forward to a prosperous future of music creation.”
- Harmi Palda

“I am frequently asked to remix, produce or collaborate with artists from all around the world but this has been the first time Russian artists have approached me to invite me to work together. I was struck by the hypnotic vocals and textures in the original song so focused on these elements and wrote an almost entirely new work inspired by these aspects. I'm extremely happy with this fast moving production.”
- Scanner
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Posted by Theodor Bastard on 07 December 2011
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